They are all the people with whom the *estel cooperative is sharing or has shared projects, perspectives, and wills for social improvement. We have in common a way of perceiving and addressing the complexity of human habitat, of understanding that transdisciplinarity is not only convenient but also necessary in order to collectively tackle the processes of urban improvement. The projects we participate in together carry a piece of each of them and the common vision of all of them at the same time.

They are our travel companions, with whom we learn and with whom we grow collective knowledge, which increases with each shared journey.

Urban policies &

citizen cooperation

Inés Novella

Urban planning &


Ana Paricio

Social psychology &

inclusive urbanism

Pau Avellaneda

Geography &

sustainable mobility

Pere Manubens

Urban planning &

geographic information systems

Montserrat Mercadé


Biology, investigation &


Arnau Berenguer

Architecture &


Susanna Àlvarez

Project organization &


Francesc Sánchez​

Geographic information


Xavier Rodríguez Soriano

Architecture &

urban strategies

Bernat Marco

History &

citizen cooperation

Toni Elvira

Technical architecture

Gustau Farell


Verónica Méndez Penela

Occupational therapy &

community mental health

Fàtima López Pérez

Art history &