Collective knowledge

This professional and emotional itinerary that we have been spinning with the various people, teams, administrations, and institutions with whom we have been collaborating, has filled us with acquaintance and experiences that we do not hesitate to share whenever we can. This collective knowledge is a living, growing and changing archive that we are spreading in the places and ways we list below.


  • Conference at the Association of Architects of Ontinyent, Valencia 2012.
  • Conference at the Town Hall of Tavernes de la Valldigna, Valencia 2012.
  • Lecture at Tribhuvan University, Nepal 2013.
  • Conference “Children, architecture and the city” at the Vallès School of Architecture and Engineering (ETSAV), Sant Cugat 2014.
  • Presentation at the Conference “Interaction 15: Joan Miró Square Project” organized by Barcelona Provincial Council and the Mancomunitat de Catalunya, Barcelona 2015. (more information)
  • Presentation at the meeting “Local Culture and Construction of Citizenship”, Madrid 2015. (more information)
  • Presentation at the Habitat III Congress “Public Spaces”, Barcelona 2016. (more information)
  • Presentation “Techniques for studying everyday life” organized by the Master’s Degree in Design and Production of Spaces at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona 2016.
  • Presentation at the “Thinking Through the Future of Memory” conference entitled “Negotiating Cultural Identities and memory in post-conflict space. The memorial landscapes of Nicosia ”, Amsterdam 2016.
  • Presentation at the Conference “Temporary use of empty spaces” organized by the Barcelona Provincial Council, ​​Montbui 2017 (more information)
  • Presentation at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus 2017. (more information)
  • Presentation at the conference “Spaces for the collective construction of the city” organized by Civic Factory Fest, Valencia 2017.
  • Jury at the AJAC XI Awards, Barcelona 2018. (more information)
  • Jury of the Urban Design Program at the University of Oregon, Barcelona 2018.
  • Presentation at the Action Research Conference on Urban Hypnopedia, Valencia 2018.
  • Participation in the round table “The city from a gender perspective”, Valencia 2018. (more information)
  • Paper at the Urban Engendering Conference October, Madrid 2018. (more information)
  • Presentation “Designing processes and spaces” at the Technical School of Architecture of Valencia (ETSAV), Valencia 2018. (more information)
  • Presentation “Rambles Cooperative Process” in the Master of Urban and Territorial Development of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona 2018.
  • Presentation of the Rambles Cooperative Process at the Vallès School of Architecture and Engineering (ETSAV), Sant Cugat 2018
  • Presentation “Strategies for the rescue of Ramblas of Barcelona” at Fundación Arquia for the Chalmers tekniska högskola (Gothenburg), Barcelona 2018.
  • Round table: Participatescapes “Las Ramblas: the collective story”, Barcelona 2019.
  • Presentation “Sustainable Urban Ecosystems: Making cities with people for people” at the Cyprus University of Technology, organised by Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber, Lemesos 2020 (more information)


  • Paper presentation at the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum, Bilbao 2014. (more information)
  • Paper presentation at the Sensitive City Congress, Valencia 2015. (more information)
  • Article in Paisea 031: “The square we want”, Valencia 2015 (more information)
  • Exhibition of Catalan Architecture: Pla Estel * Joan Miró organized by COAC, Terrassa 2016. (more information)
  • Bank of Good Practices: Pla estel * Montornès, Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia, Montornès 2017 (more information)
  • Publication of Barcelona Provincial Council “New parameters for the design of public space”, Barcelona 2018.

Teaching activity

  • Progress Workshop / ECO-UNION: “Socio-Spatial Skill-Building”, Barcelona 2017.(more information)
  • Workshop organized for Polis ll Platform for Urbanism and Landscape Architecture, TU Delft, Barcelona 2019.
  • Teaching in the course: “Citizen participation”, Universidade da Coruña, A Coruña 2019.
  • Teaching in the course: “The community use of public space”, Barcelona 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.
  • Teaching in the course: “Coeducation: Social changes and gender identity in the classroom”, University of Alicante, Benissa, 2019
  • Workshop “Making City”, Col·lectiu Ludantia i Proxecto Terra, Santiago de Compostela, 2019