DiverCity: Youth for Gender Equal Cities

“DiverCity: Youth for Gender Equal Cities” is a pioneering guidebook that champions inclusive urban planning through cooperative city-making and a robust gender perspective. It challenges conventional urban development paradigms by placing community engagement, social inclusion, and participatory decision-making at its core. Across Spain, Greece, Germany, and Belgium, the guidebook showcases initiatives where youth play pivotal roles in shaping urban policies and projects, amplifying their voices and contributions.

Emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach, “DiverCity” integrates insights from sociology, ecology, economics, and more to reimagine cities as dynamic, adaptive ecosystems shaped by diverse social, economic, and environmental factors. It underscores the importance of cooperation among stakeholders—ranging from grassroots movements to civic networks—to democratize urban planning and foster inclusive, resilient urban environments.

A central theme of the guidebook is gender mainstreaming in urban and rural planning. It critiques traditional urban designs shaped by male perspectives, addressing how these have perpetuated safety concerns and unequal access to public resources for women and marginalized groups. By advocating for gender-sensitive policies and inclusive decision-making processes, “DiverCity” aims to dismantle existing power dynamics and promote gender equality in city development.

Moreover, “DiverCity” explores intersectionality, recognizing how gender intersects with age, ability, ethnicity, and socio-economic status to influence urban experiences. It offers practical tools and case studies to empower planners, policymakers, and community leaders to create cities that are not only more inclusive and equitable but also resilient and responsive to the diverse needs and aspirations of all residents. Ultimately, the guidebook serves as a roadmap for building cities that prioritize social justice, sustainability, and the well-being of future generations.

This guidebook is part of the Erasmus+ KA210-YOU – Small-scale partnerships in youth.


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Chrysostomou , Alba Domínguez

Ferrer), Eva Grigoriadou

(Urbana), Ioulia Leventopoulou

(Urbana), Pinelopi Alexiou

(Urbana), Laura Fernandez Moya

(Urban Foxes), Bram Dewolfs

(Urban Foxes), Carla Molteni

(CGE)  Ammalia Podlaszewska



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