Placemaking 4 Inclusion: Comparative National Report

Welcome to Placemaking 4 Inclusion (PM4I), a dynamic initiative funded by the European Union. This extract, which captures the theory by transforming it into practice, is from the Comparative National Report, weaving insights from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Norway. PM4I empowers youth and organizations, using placemaking to foster social inclusion and shape inclusive urban environments through collaborative co-creation. Explore key chapters on Methodology, Placemaking, Youth Social Inclusion, Community Empowerment, and Competences. Dive into this treasure trove of insights, sparking positive change. Join us on this journey, embrace placemaking principles, and be part of reshaping societies for the better.

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Editorial team

*estel (Konstantina

Chrysostomou , Arnau Boix i

Pla, Nedjine Dorcely)


Luisa Tuttolomondo (Sguardi

Urbani), Anna Stamouli

(AKNOW), Ammalia

Podlaszewska (CGE), Bram

Dewolfs (Urban Foxes),

Annabel Mempel

(Nabolagshager), Rita

Marques (YEU)


They have collaborated

Youngsters, youth workers,

youth organizations and local

authorities from Germany,

Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain

and Greece

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