Participatory budgets of the Valencian Community

The Autonomous Participatory Budgets are a pilot project of the Generalitat Valenciana that was launched in 2021. It aims to develop a participatory process to decide the actions to which a part of the Generalitat’s budget will be dedicated. It is a powerful tool to move towards an open government that revolves around citizen participation. It opens this process to 5 million Valencian men and women, counting on all the territories and investing in those who need it most.

Participatory Budgets aim to empower citizens and provide public information, transparency, equality, inclusion, gender perspective, territorial solidarity, and accountability. They are also based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

In this project, Monodestudio was the coordinating team, and *estel was the driving team of the Hackatons; These conferences combine information on the process, training on the theme of each action, and the facilitation of a guide space for the design of proposals for the budget, linked to the proposed territorial scale of the counties. Also, we create communicative content to explain the process and the results of the participatory budgets to the citizens.


Valencian Community

[5,057,353 inhabitants]



Type of project

Citizen cooperation


6 months [2021-2022]


Generalitat Valenciana;

Conselleria de Participació,

Transparència, Cooperació i

Qualitat Democràtica




*estel (Konstantina Chrysostomou,

Arnau Boix i Pla,  Alba Dominguez

Ferrer, Marc Deu i Ferrer)



Citizens of the Valencian


Entities and associations of

the Valencian Community


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at the plataform gvaparticipa