Participatory process for the land use masterplan of Masquefa

The citizen participation process of the land use masterplan (POUM) of Masquefa is developed in parallel with the drafting of the urban planning document (in charge of OUA) with the intention of turning the drafting of a Municipal Urban Planning Plan into an opportunity for the different sectors that make up the society to collaborate with each other, and jointly define what is the municipality they want for the next few years, dealing with topics ranging from housing, economic activity, public space and equipment, natural spaces or the infrastructures that make up the territory.

In this participatory process, apart from combining face-to-face and virtual spaces to facilitate access to the debate, an effort has been made to recognize the territorial complexity of the municipality, where there is a consolidated urban center where the majority of services are located, with a series of low-density urbanization with fairly marked own dynamics. The objective, then, is that the project serves to collect the proposals of all these people involved, at the same time that the process itself helps to increase territorial cohesion and the links between neighborhoods.



[9.623 inhabitants]



Type of project

Citizen cooperation


6 months [2021 – 2022]


Municipality of Masquefa



*estel (Alba Domínguez

Ferrer, Marc Deu Ferrer,

Konstantina Chrysostomou,

Arnau Boix i Pla)



Neighbors of Masquefa