Participatory process for the land use masterplan of Sentmenat

The participatory process for Santmenat’s POUM (Land Use Plan) was developed in parallel with the redaction of the urban planning document, with the aim to enrich it and help with the validation of the made decisions.

The project addresses the challenge of transforming the Land Use Masterplan (PGOU) into an opportunity so that the different actors who structure society to collaborate and define the future of their city. Among others, they face issues about housing, economic activity, public space and facilities, natural spaces and infrastructures on their territory. 

The process is structured in four consecutive and cumulative phases. During the first one, the civic participation program is established, the communication plan is drawn up and the agents’ map is formed. The latter consists of entities and associations which later are involved in citizen debates, citizens and municipal technical-political team. 

During the second phase, the analysis and diagnosis take place, which through open sessions and group interviews is produced radiography of the city’s current state to define the challenges that need to be addressed. At the same time, following the evolution of the POUM Advance document, participants work on the identified strategic lines turning them into proposals, in order to be included afterwards in the normative document. 

Finally, the last phase, the one of follow-up, serves to communicate to citizens the results and final conclusions, redact the documentation that is incorporated in POUM and set up the bases that allow participants to follow up to the next stages of the process.



[8,957 inhabitants]

Scale of the project


Type of project

Citizen cooperation


6 months [2016]


City Hall of Sentmenat 

Barcelona Provincial Council



*estel  (Arnau Boix, Marc

Deu, Llaia Llonch)



Neighbors of Sentmenat

Local entities and



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