Can Quel, Creation Factory

The old Can Quel textile factory, an emblematic building deeply rooted in the history of l’Esquirol, is transformed into a public center for socio-cultural creation. A factory of creation.

This municipal building recovers the idea of culture, intervention, and the link with the territory, and is committed to being a platform that contributes to social transformation and sustainable development in Collsacabra, and l’Esquirol in particular.

The Can Quel creation factory, re-exists based on the motto “our future is quality” that is still in the factory, but now is related to culture and community. Likewise, it provides answers to every phase of creative processes and knowledge production -generating individual and/or collective workspaces and making resources available to artists, entities, cultural and social agents, and the public. In addition, it offers educational resources and visibility of projects and activities that reinforce the municipality of Esquirol as a cultural and social pole in Collsacabra.

It is committed to direct collaboration with the different groups to co-manage the equipment, in order to be the ones who shape and make the project grow. 

Can Quel creation factory would be defined from the following three axes:

  • Cross-border culture and education
  • Places of life and social gathering
  • Respect and commitment to the environment and the territory

The participatory process was designed following the PRA methodology (Participatory Research-Action) with the aim of incorporating the maximum diversity of intergenerational perspectives and promoting an inclusive space at l’Esquirol. During the participatory process, the Functional Program, the architectural and urban intervention criteria, the management model, the execution phases, and the management of the “meanwhile” were worked with the local community.



[2,181 inhabitants]



Type of project

Urban Strategies

Citizen cooperation


3 months [2020]


Municipality of l’Esquirol

Barcelona Provincial Council



*estel (Konstantina

Chrysostomou, Arnau

Boix, Marc Deu, Alba




Neighbors of l’Esquirol

Municipal entities

Youth Centre

Technical and political team

of City’s Council


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