Citizen cooperation

We develop projects based on the propositional action and the real needs of the people, applying methodologies and participatory tools adapted to the singularities of each case. We rethink the cities and the territory collectively, and we empower the cooperative dynamics between citizens, technicians, and administration.

  • Design and facilitation of participatory processes for urban projects
  • Design and facilitation of participatory processes related to urban planning instruments such as a Municipal Urban Development Plan, a Master Plan, or a Special Plan.
  • Technical advice for the development of participatory processes
  • Community actions and workshops in different territorial areas
  • Temporary activation of unused public spaces
  • Community definition of design and uses of public facilities
  • Revitalization of everyday activities in neighborhoods
  • Sociocommunity intervention for prevention and management of conflicts in public spaces
  • Design of methodology and facilitation of Children and Adolescents Councils and participatory processes related to the adolescent and youth population.